Jackie Chappell - The first lady of British Rail

How did a train ticket checker become the first female Chief Executive of the Railways?

It’s one hell of a journey, make sure you have your ticket for this inspiring story. We’ll try avoid any additional railway puns, here on in.

Absolutely fascinating insights and stories about the often delicate back and forth’s with Union leaders Jimmy Knapp, Lew Adams and the then public transport fan himself MP John Prescott.

But also how those lessons of the 80s, were they the golden days of public transport and the not so golden days and has history been kind to that era?

This isn’t just a story about female empowerment this is how unwavering self-belief and about when you know you are doing something good, an unwillingness to take no for an answer.

Over a decade on from, she now runs a business with over 20 staff.

You really must hear her story when at her first board meeting as Chief Exec she was mistaken, as the tea lady… It’s fair to say it really didn’t end well for board member who wanted his, with one sugar.

It really was a different time.

So how did she do the impossible, and smash through the glass ceiling? Only Jackie knows how she kept on track. That’s another pun isn’t it. Sorry.